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Create beautiful apps with expert design and user experience diagnostics


Comprehensive design reviews for your Windows Phone and Windows Apps

Send us your Windows Phone or Windows app, we will perform design and experience diagnostics and provide you with an actionable set of resources to help you enhance your application, make it more beautiful and more compliant with Microsoft design guidelines.


Our diagnostics reports are comprehensive design reviews. All of the resources in the final report include practical and actionable tips and tricks, advice and guidance for you to enhance the UI design and experience of your application.

Every design and experience diagnostics report includes the following resources:

  • Application Flow

    Explore your application with a bird's eye view. This chart allows us to better understand and diagnose the structure and flow of your app. It will help you address navigation issues and identify opportunities to streamline the user flow.

  • Comments and Annotations

    On top of the application flow we include detailed comments and annotations for each screen. These are practical tips to enhance the UI of that particular screen. Visual annotations are also included to explain issues related to margins, padding, sizing, alignment and others.

  • Schematics

    Sometimes, images speak better than words. We will trace UI schematics specifically for your app. UI schematics will help you fix layout and composition issues. These actionable visual tips will make your UI look polished and professional.

  • Design Patterns

    Design patterns are great for helping you design interfaces. There are hundreds of design patterns for navigation, search, form/data entry, list and grid views, location and more. We will provide you with the right design patterns needed to enhance your app.

  • Facelift

    In some cases and portions of your app we will go as far as doing some actual redesign. Could that logo be better? Should that screen have a different layout? We will be sure to propose alternatives to your design thus making your application, more beautiful and more enjoyable for users.

  • Report

    In this narrative we will share with you our suggestions for enhancing the structure, flow, navigation, user interface design and the overall user experience of your app. Our suggestions are practical and actionable you can turn into these measurable enhancements for your app.

  • In addition, Facelift includes a Skype kick off call to discuss your app and then another call to discuss our findings and review your diagnostics report with a chief design architect.

    Live Session

    A 30 minute kick off call to better understand where you are at with your app. Once we have finalized the diagnostics on your app we can chat again for another 60 minutes to discuss the proposed changes and enhancements to make your app great! Instead of this call, you can also choose to send us a round of comments and questions about your Facelift results and we’ll reply to you with expert advice.



Take a look at a couple samples of Windows Phone and Windows design diagnostics report. While every app is different and each report will vary, they all leverage the majority of the features described above.

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Submitting an app for review is easy. Simply fill out the Submit an App form. Upload a single zip file that includes all the images, XAP file(s) or Windows app packages necessary to run your app.Include any notes that can better help us focus our design review. Define how many screens you would like us to review, define your payment method and hit Order Now.

Under notes, mention any screens you'd like us to ignore in the review and/or the screens you want us to focus on. The more screens you want us to review the bigger the discount we can offer. The Diagnostics ETA will give you an idea of our delivery date. We will confirm this delivery date to you in the next step of the process via email.


From the producer of design .toolbox and 24 Weeks of Windows Phone Design!

Facelift is brought to you by Arturo Toledo, former Microsoftie who drove design evangelism in Redmond for technologies like Microsoft Expression, WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone. Arturo has reviewed hundreds of websites, Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps and has talked to thousands of developers worldwide.

His design.toolbox, a service with more than 40,000 users, helped developers and designers learn more about experience design. Recently, Arturo and his brother Alejandro published their 24 Weeks of Windows Phone Design which quickly became a de facto read for anyone interested in learning more about Microsoft design style and Windows Phone UI design.

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Do you have questions about your order or payment? Perhaps about your design diagnostics report or about your app? Drop us an email or a tweet and we'll be glad to help you.


All your file submissions will be used only by us to perform the diagnostics report. We work under a non-disclosure agreement with our clients for each of their projects. Once the report has been finalized and delivered to you, all your submitted files will be permanently deleted from our server and computers.

Next Steps

After you receive your design diagnostics report you can implement the recommended changes and enhacements to your app. If needed we are here to give you a hand. We offer design and markup coding (XAML) services. Just drop us a note so we can chat more about your needs.


We offer 2-3 day design workshops for developers and designers. We will teach you how to sketch, wireframe, prototype and design Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps following Microsoft design guidelines.


Translating design to markup code can be a time consuming job. Let us help you - we are experienced in converting design to markup (XAML) for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps.


We can help you design or re-design your application or portions of your application. We know and understand Microsoft design guidelines so you will get the best of the best design quality for your apps.